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  • diamond blades

    Diamonds Are Forever: How Diamond Blades Help Industry

    A diamond is a very valuable gem. It’s what every bride wants on her finger. It’s also one of the world’s hardest materials. It’s what every worker wants on their blade. Diamond blades are used throughout all types of industries from construction sites to optical …

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  • diamond dicing

    Precision Dicing and Sawing By the Experts

    When it comes to diamond dicing, you don’t want to take any chances or second-guess the process. That’s why working with an established company like Innovative Fabrication is so vital for your manufacturing needs. Start with the fact that Innovative Fabrication has earned a Certificate …

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  • Dicing Challenges

    5 Ways to Overcome Dicing Challenges

    Diamond dicing is a process that must be skillfully executed in order to yield quality products at high production volumes. Diamond dicing is best performed by experts, as there are many challenges that one may encounter while dicing materials. The following are a few ways …

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  • Order Tracking

    Follow Your Product from Inception to Delivery

    Companies across many different industries can benefit from outsourcing diamond dicing needs, but not being able to follow the product from inception through production may be worrisome for some. At Innovative Fabrication, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and we …

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  • Semiconductor Wafer Beveling

    Semiconductor Wafer Beveling

    The slanted or rounded edge between the bottom of a wafer and the side of a wafer is the bevel region. Beveling is achieved by edge grinding, or pressing the edge of a grooved grinding wheel against the wafer as it rotates. Beveling wafers can …

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  • Silicon Dicing

    Silicon Dicing for Success

    Silicon wafers, which are thin slivers of silicon created in a lab setting, are diced using a diamond saw to divide them into individual units. While other methods may be used, diamond dicing holds advantages over these methods. After a wafer has been diced, the …

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  • Dicing Optimization

    4 Tips for Optimizing the Dicing Process

    Optimizing the dicing process can help to improve product yields, cut quality, and precision in a variety of applications. Optimizing the dicing process can also help to increase the life of diamond blades and other equipment. In order to optimize dicing processes, it is necessary …

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  • Outsourcing Fabrication

    Benefits of Outsourcing Fabrication Needs

    If your company has the capability to do in-house fabrication and diamond dicing, it may seem like the most cost-effective and timely option. This may not actually be the case, however. Outsourcing fabrication work may save you costs and provide a wealth other benefits. Save …

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  • Dicing Coolant

    Basics of Coolant Usage in Diamond Dicing

    Before taking on a diamond dicing project, it is important to understand how coolant usage will affect the process and the results. When coolant is used during the dicing process, the velocity of the fluid stream, the type of coolant, the size of the nozzle, …

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  • Diamond Tool

    Dressing Diamond Blades and Tools

    Dressing diamond blades is a process that must be done to restore the cutting edge. Dressing diamond blades and tools can help to extend the life of blades and bits and improve the cutting precision and abilities. There are several different materials that can be …

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