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  • Diamond Tool Care

    Proper Diamond Tool Care

    While diamonds are naturally wear resistant, taking certain precautions may help to increase the life of a diamond blade. With proper handling and care, it is possible to realize 20 to 100 times the life of diamond tools. It is important to handle the tools …

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  • Dicing Tape

    Selecting the Right Dicing Tape

    Die preparation is one step of the process that is used in semiconductor fabrication. During die preparation, it is necessary to properly mount and dice wafers. While there are several methods that can be used to mount wafers, using dicing tape is very common. Dicing …

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  • Sapphire Semiconductor Wafer

    Working with Sapphire

    Sapphire is increasing in use in a variety of manufacturing applications. Synthetic sapphire can sometimes be carefully grown into desired shapes and sizes, but in most cases it must be machined to specifications to be used properly. We at Innovative Fabrication have many years of …

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  • Thick Material Dicing

    Considerations for Extra Thick Material Dicing

    Many different applications require very thick material dicing in order to reach the needed size. Applications such as heat shields, imprint masks, and certain substrates require materials which are thicker than those used in other more common applications. Ceramics, glass, quartz, and some types of …

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  • Wafer Dicing

    Wafer Dicing

    Wafers are thin slices of silicon that are used in many types of electronics applications. The wafers are grown in a lab setting in which purity is controlled and altered depending on the destined use of the wafer. Wafer dicing is a process used to …

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  • Glass Fabrication

    Glass Fabrication 101

    Glass fabrication techniques include cutting, grinding, laminating, and drilling. Glass fabrication also requires polishing, bending, finishing and edging in many cases. Precision and quality are of the utmost importance when performing glass fabrication processes, so Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines are often used. CNC Machines …

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  • Machining Brittle Materials

    Machining Brittle Materials

    Brittle materials can be amongst the most difficult to machine. However, machining brittle materials with precision is crucial for the manufacture of devices for a wide range of different industries. Traditional machining processes may lack the accuracy required to level surfaces of brittle materials as …

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  • Ceramic Fabrication

    Ceramic Fabrication 101

    The term ceramic fabrication can refer to a number of different materials. By definition, ceramic materials are non-metallic, inorganic materials that are made from compounds of a non-metal and a metal. In general, ceramic materials do not conduct electricity or heat and are known to …

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  • Precision Glass Cutting

    The Art of Precision Glass Cutting

    As indicated by the name, precision glass cutting requires sophisticated machinery and well-versed craftsmen. Precision glass cutting is used to create components for a number of industries, such as electronics, lighting, diagnostic, and automotive uses. A number of techniques can be used to achieve this …

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  • Selecting Diamond Blade

    Selecting the Right Diamond Blade

    At Innovative Fabrication, we are experts at choosing the best diamond blade to meet the needs of each project. The type of diamond blade that is used will affect the cost and speed of a project, as well as the quality of the finished product. …

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