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Diamond Blade Industry Uses

Diamond Blade Uses

Diamond Blade Industry Uses

Many industries benefit from the use of diamond blade services, even where other types of blade services may be used. A diamond blade has diamond grains set into the cutting edge. This gives diamond blades the ability to cut through harder or brittle materials and to slice through materials with more precision.

Diamond Sawing Materials

Diamond sawing, also known as dicing, may be used to shape or cut through materials such as:
  • Gem stones
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Rubber
  • Resin
  • Aluminum
  • Copper

Diamond Sawing Applications

The application of diamond blades has helped to shape and expand many industries. The precision gained by using a diamond blade is critical in industries which utilize very small components or which require accuracy within close constraints. The hardiness of diamond blades is a factor in industries which must shape very hard materials for use.

Industries Requiring Precision

The precision that is achieved in diamond sawing is critical to many industries, including:
  • Microelectronics: Cuts very accurately through hard and brittle materials used to create micrometer-scale electronic components.
  • Jewelry: Finely shapes gem stones to be used in jewelry applications.
  • Automotive parts: Achieves the high degree of accuracy in metal work needed to craft functioning automobile parts.
  • Intricate woodworking: Will create smoother edges and more exact designs than other types of saws. Can also be used to cut composite flooring.

Industries Requiring Hardiness

  • Stone processing: Accurately shapes small stones for crystal stores, landscaping uses, aquatic pet care, games, and other applications.
  • Tile work: Used to craft many tile shapes, sizes, and designs from a variety of materials for homes and businesses.
  • Glass work: Will cut and shape glass for use in mirrors, windows, picture frames, doors, and many other industries which utilize glass.
  • Home construction and remodeling: Can be used to craft many different styles and sizes of stone, wood, glass, and ceramic for use in walls, floors, pool areas, and other applications.
  • Engineering ceramics processing: Will precisely shape ceramics to be used in applications where metal and polymers are not durable or heat resistant enough. Industries requiring engineering ceramics include aerospace, medicine, refineries, chemical industries, and electronics.

Indirect Industry Benefits

Diamond blades may also benefit a wide spectrum of industries that are not necessarily based around distribution or assembling applications of materials that have been shaped using a diamond blade. For example, upper-tier restaurants may wish to have knives custom crafted from specific materials using a diamond blade. Medical facilities may order scalpels and other equipment that is crafted using diamond blades. Nearly any industry can benefit from having materials, equipment, or components crafted using a diamond blade.