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Diamonds Are Forever: How Diamond Blades Help Industry

diamond blades

Diamonds Are Forever: How Diamond Blades Help Industry

A diamond is a very valuable gem. It’s what every bride wants on her finger. It’s also one of the world’s hardest materials. It’s what every worker wants on their blade. Diamond blades are used throughout all types of industries from construction sites to optical glass fabrication labs. You can go from a huge saw that slices through concrete to a finite tool that can shape glass. Diamonds are forever and they’re being used every day.

diamond blades


How a Diamond Blade Works

Diamond blades are less about cutting as they are about grinding. The focused friction of a diamond blade utilizes the diamond crystals that are bonded to that blade. You can actually see them shimmer in the right light. A diamond blade isn’t just a big rock spun on a drill. Instead, those diamond crystals are the main component of a metal blade that comes in all kinds of sizes. You can have a diamond blade as big as a pencil or the hubcap on a car.

Cutting Speed

Someone who collects gems or precious stones can use a personal diamond blade saw to polish up those pieces. Although the diamond can last forever, the diamond blade will eventually wear down because of the constant cutting speed required in the fabrication process. The faster the speed, the more cutting pressure and the greater likelihood the blade’s life will diminish.

Wet Cutting

Unlike other types of saws, the diamond blade saw operates best when cutting wet. This is usually the type of cuts made on construction sites. You might have seen a piece of heavy equipment that is slicing through a pavement while being watered down. Not only will that water help prevent dust from kicking up, but it also cools down the diamond blade. You can extend the operating life of a diamond blade by insuring that it doesn’t overheat.

This doesn’t mean that all diamond blades have to be hosed down while in use. There are many types of diamond blade saws that are specifically designed for dry cuts. These are typically used in more precision types of cutting jobs like creating lenses.

Additional Uses for the Diamond Blade

You’ll find that diamond blades are being used in a variety of ways. For home construction, diamond blade saws are the perfect tool to cut tiles and granite counter tops. They can also be used for ceramics and glass around pools and bathrooms. Diamond blades can also create a smoother finish on woodworks.

A diamond blade is used to cut actual diamonds. This is where you get into the micrometer scale of precision cutting. Additionally, diamond blades are used to sharpen knives in restaurants and medical equipment in the operating room.

Stick With the Diamond Blade Pros

Although you can rent or buy many varieties of diamond blade saws, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to achieve the finish you were hoping for. This is why for jobs that require precise cutting, it’s best to work with experienced fabricators as you would find working with Innovative Fabrication. Our company uses diamond blades every day for all kinds of precision applications. Whether you have a big job or a single piece of material that needs to be cut or fabricated, Innovative Fabrication is the company you want to work with. Visit our website or call us today at 978-446-0003 to get your cutting done right with dicing in Lowell.