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Diamond Sawing

Diamond sawing is the lowest cost, highest quality technique for glass, ceramic, and silicon dicing. At Innovation Fabrication, we combine state-of-the-art dicing saws with our process expertise to provide you the most precise and economical dicing solutions possible.

Quality-Driven: We only use state-of-the-art saws with index repeatability of +/-2.5 microns and inspection equipment, perfect for tight specifications and tolerances.

Efficient: Quotes are always provided within 24 hours, and deliveries are turned around quickly by our dedicated staff. We offer same-day service for your most urgent orders.

Innovative: Our team has years of process development experience in dicing, scribing, beveling, and plenty of other unique diamond sawing applications.

Customer-Focused:  As an outsourcing shop, we recognize you depend on our ability to meet quality and delivery goals. We are committed to ensuring the highest level of satisfaction for you and your customers.

Dicing Capabilities

  • Precision optical alignment and sawing of all types of glass, ceramic, aluminum nitride, lithium niobate, sapphire, beryllium oxide, silicon, germanium, GaAs, and many other hard and brittle materials.
  • X, Y, & Z indexing accuracy of +/- 2.5 microns. Theta angle repeatability of +/- 6 arc seconds.
  • Beveling, scribing, and trenching ability.
  • Visual Inspection from AQL to 100%.
  • Manual sort and load into customer defined chip tray or Gel-Pak.
  • Full tracability with labels on every package shipped.
  • Process development and R&D support.
  • From prototype to production volumes.
  • Customer-specific packaging to fill your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cut sapphire? Yes, we have experience cutting all types of sapphire.

How thick can you cut? Our wide range of cutting equipment means we can dice any materials thicker than 1”.

Do you cut metals? While we are not a metal machining shop, we do cut metals as needed. We can cut a thin metal substrate with an aligned image.

What is your standard lead time? One week ARM is the standard, although our customers could tell you we can provide quicker turns when needed.

What are your standard tolerances? The accuracy of the equipment is +/-0.0001″ (2.5um) although it is more reasonable to expect +/-0.001″ for most applications.

High Quality, Fast Turnaround Dicing

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  • We also provide samples upon request.