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Dressing Diamond Blades and Tools

Diamond Tool

Dressing Diamond Blades and Tools

Dressing diamond blades is a process that must be done to restore the cutting edge. Dressing diamond blades and tools can help to extend the life of blades and bits and improve the cutting precision and abilities. There are several different materials that can be used for dressing; different types of blades may require different materials.

Reasons for Dressing Diamond Blades

Diamond blades and tools may need to be dressed shortly after purchase if the initial quality of the tool is poor or if there are manufacturing defects. Tools may need to be dressed if the tip snaps off, in order to uncover the diamonds for future use. This can help save on the cost of replacing tools. Dressing removes some of the metal surrounding the diamonds so that the diamonds are exposed as intended.

Removing Diamond Crown Clogs

Diamond tools usually need to be dressed after frequent use, especially if different types of materials have been diced or drilled. There are valleys in between diamond crowns, which capture dust and debris that is created during dicing and drilling. When a coolant is used during the dicing process, this dust and debris turns into a paste that clogs the valleys in between the crowns and adheres to the surface of the diamond crowns. Dressing diamond blades and tools helps to remove these clogs.

Understanding When Dressing is Needed

Cutting blades and drilling tools lose efficiency when dressing is needed. Blades may begin to bounce over the surface of materials and may even burn the materials. Failure to dress or replace the tools in time may result in costly material wastes. Using blades that need to be dressed can also become dangerous.

Grindstones and Grinding Wheels

There are many different types and brands of grindstones and grinding wheels that may be used to dress diamond tools and blades. Some grindstones are ideal for dressing dry use tools that are used to cut materials such as stone and granite. Others may be better for dressing tools that are used with coolants, such as those that are used to cut marble and ceramic. Grinding wheels are generally used for dressing wet use blades.

Dressing Process

Grindstones are abrasive, so they will remove paste and debris, recovering the diamond tips of tools and blades. To dress diamond blades, a grindstone or grinding wheel should be placed on the cutting surface of a grinding saw and the grindstone should be cut into. While sharpening, coolant should be used as it usually is for cutting with wet use tools. After each pass, the grinding wheel or grindstones should be moved slightly, to avoid using the same groove for sharpening.