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Precision Dicing and Sawing By the Experts

diamond dicing

Precision Dicing and Sawing By the Experts

When it comes to diamond dicing, you don’t want to take any chances or second-guess the process. That’s why working with an established company like Innovative Fabrication is so vital for your manufacturing needs. Start with the fact that Innovative Fabrication has earned a Certificate of Registration of Quality Management System. This means that Innovative Fabrication has “been assessed and deemed to comply with the requirements with respect to the scope of operations for dicing and machining of any hard brittle material for diverse applications including the medical, microelectronics and optical industries.” Translation: For any types of diamond dicing and glass fabrication, Innovative Fabrication has been certified as an industry leader.

diamond dicing

What is Diamond Dicing?

To understand what diamond dicing is, you merely have to think of diamond sawing. This is the most affordable approach for any form of glass, ceramic, and silicon dicing. The dicing saws used at Innovative Fabrication are cutting edge (no pun intended!). These machines allow for precise and repetitive diamond dicing across a wide array of materials. How precise? Consider an index repeatability of +/-2.5 microns. That’s about as finite as it can get without ruining the materials.

An Efficient Process

Innovative Fabrication is all about generating a fast turnaround for projects. The experienced staff has developed an efficient process for diamond dicing that eliminates guesswork. This operation model allows for customers to get a quote within 24 hours of first contact. In many cases, Innovative Fabrication can also provide same-day service.

Years of Innovation

Innovation Fabrication is proud to stand behind their engineer’s years of experience. When it comes to diamond dicing, scribing, beveling and other diamond saw applications, you just can’t beat that level of expertise. This is why it’s easy for Innovation Fabrication to achieve such high marks in terms of customer satisfaction. This is a company that is 100% committed to exceeding their goals in order to make sure those customers’ needs are met and they become a longtime client.

The Dicing Resources

The list of precision optical alignment applications performed at Innovative Fabrications include working with all types of glass, ceramic, aluminum nitride, lithium niobate, sapphire, beryllium oxide, silicon, germanium, GaAs, and an assortment of brittle materials. Innovative Fabrication couldn’t stay in the industry long if it didn’t live up to the innovation in their name. There are also not a lot of limitations when it comes to configuring the diamond dicing saws. Innovative Fabrication can easily dice >1″ thick. With regard to any kind of sapphire, Innovative Fabrication can make those cuts, too! In addition to the glass cutting, although Innovative Fabrications is not a metal machining shop, they can cut metals as they apply to a thin metal substrate with an image that needs to be aligned.

Start the Process for Your Next Precision Project

The diamond dicing process for your project begins with a call to Innovation Fabrication at 978-466-0003. Knowledgeable representatives are standing by to discuss your needs. Obviously, you’ll want to know the cost of your project. Those quotes can be worked up and delivered within 24 hours of that initial call. You’ll also be able to review samples to assess the company’s level of expertise. Innovative Fabrications strives to make each customer a priority and the growing list of return clients is a true testament to their dedication for customers service. Visit their website to learn more about the services they offer.